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The smartphones of the year

In this year, more than one hundred and twenty smartphones have been unveiled. However, the four smartphones of 2013 still remain in our top 10 smart products. The reason is being that the flagship smartphones from Sony, HTC Apple, Samsung and LG are simply blow to the rest of the industry of phones and other gadgets.

In this reason, getting 70 AEDs unspent is no longer a Utopian idea, if you select as old phone as last year. A iPhone 5S or a Galaxy S4 is still a wonderful purchase. And this choice is better off as compared to other gadgets.It does not make any difference once you get to the best of the best launch time changes. Nowadays there is one foremost reason which makes the iPhone outnumber their competitive. So the reason is Apple’s smartphones are newer and smarter in comparison to other rivals. As it is well known that the S5, G3 and M8 were unveiled in April and May. Hence Apple got the whole summer to fetch the latest technology. It has given the Apple long time to evaluate client’s reaction to its rival phones gadgets. You are hereby recommended to visit some Online Mobile Shopping Store.

Keeping this in consideration, so the buyers of smartphones might consider the following this principle that is go and get whatever the top manufacturer has released. But if you have already used the Android ecosystem or iOS tech, it is truly a different thing. However if you are already to take a fresh start, you are recommended to look out for any top brand making a flagship phone common at the latest. If you are to decide right now, then go for the iPhone 6 device. There would be the Sony Xperia Z3 in next few months, perhaps. It is likely to be the Galaxy S6 early next year so far.

The things went the other way for the brand Samsung. Revolutionary was the Note 3, while evolutionary was the Galaxy S5.

The beautiful designs of covers and skins 

There are many reasons why Smartphone skins are great accessories. The smart skins not only customize the look of your favorite phone but they also make your love able phone stand out in the public. Along with that, the protective covers also shield yours darling bride like a Greek warlord from marks and scratches forever.

At, the fantastic looking designs are being shown off having a bundle of features. The above mentioned Online Shopping Store in Dubai is literally featuring over hundreds of smartphones smart and protective covers for various models of Samsung and smartphones gadgets. It is safely believed that the smartphones’ selection of accessories has now been increased to embody all the best seller phones.

If you are looking into mobile protective covers, let us learn how easy it is to apply and remove the skin of a smart gadget. Once you stop using the covers, it does not leave any mark after it is removed from your mobiles.The protective covers are near the top when it comes to the accessories of Smartphones. Nowadays people are crazy to customize the smart gadgets. The smartphones are also being customized. Just imagine.

 When you will take your sexy smartphone out in the crowd, the people will die to see your darling bride phone. It is most probable that the strangers will love to see the smart and perfectly designed protective covers or skins. The crowds of people will definitely enquirer from you that where you fetched the perfectly designed covers and accessories. They will also ask you about the kind of smartphone you would be using. It is very clearly possible once you go out with your smartphone with a beautifully designed cover on.

Furthermore, the iPhone’s protective and smart covers visit the markets in three parts. The outer casing is made of a poly carbonate. The inner casing is made from a silicone cushion.

The Ballistic HC series of protective accessories is designed with four protective layers. The Ballistic HC has an extra external layer to shield from rigorous activities.

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